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By Gena Showalter:
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The Warlord Wants Forever
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Fantasy Lover
Night Pleasures



This is my first post, as a matter fact, I've never blogged in my entire life. So, if I mess up at anytime, please feel free to let me know. Of course, in a polite way if you don't mind. Anyways, here goes nothing....

This is my blog: Yes, I Have A Different Book Everytime You See Me, because I do almost always have a different book ever couple of days. I just LOVE to read, especially anything paranormal romance and mystery. So that's what my blog posts are mostly going to be about. If you're interested in anything like that, please join my blog and enjoin.

I'll be posting about books I love, and sometimes books I don't love. But, mostly the ones I do love. Only because I want to share good reads with other people, so maybe they'll want to go out and buy that book and make my favorite authors just a little more richer. Hey, what can I say, the richer they get, the more money they have to make more books ;D

Okay, I think that's a good enough first post. Please leave comments of what you think of my first post and my blog.

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  1. Hey Emma,
    Glad that you decided to join us book bloggers. :) And I always look forward to your comments on my blog.
    Good luck. and e-mail me at lovestoread0708(at)yahoo.com and I will try and help you out with your blog. And the question you left on my last blog post. :)
    Talk to you later!