Upcoming Reviews

By Gena Showalter:
The Darkest Pleasure
The Darkest Whisper

By Kresley Cole:
The Warlord Wants Forever
A Hunger Like No Other

By Sherrilyn Kenyon:
Fantasy Lover
Night Pleasures


Important News

Okay, I've been thinking about this for a while and I've finally made up my mind. I'm moving my blog. As in, I'm making a competely new one.

I'm not so good with the reviews, so instead I'm going to make a blog solely based off news of upcoming books, about authors, and ome giveaways.

But I need a little help. I was wandering if someone could help me out with the design, as well as the development(as in I need to know how to make three columns). So if you or you know someone who can help me, I'd appreciate if you would help me out.

As soon as I have it all set up, I'll let everyone know. And I'll keep this blog up, in case people can't find my new one.

Thanks for all your support.



  1. In regards to the "design" aspect of the blog, you'll have to more or less stick with finding a layout like what you currently have now. And the three column thing, you can just search blogger help and you'll be able to find the HTML to do so.

    Blogger is all done by HTML or .XML so if you are wanting a custom design, you're going to have to pay. Coding and custom graphics are time consuming.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Jessica. That really helps. I have it up, I just need to get it all fancy. I should have it completely ready by Monday. Let you know how things go.

    Thanks, again ;D