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My Story Sunday

Sun Never Rises

By: E.R. Faulkner(me)
# Pages: Undetermined... but so far 38 pages.
# Chapters: Undetermined... but so far 7 chapters

This is the book I have been writing for sometime. Unforunately it is not finished, but I'm still working on it one bit at a time. I was hoping to share it with my fellow bloggers and followers.

Each Sunday(hopefully), I'm going to post part of a chapter. And hopefully this will help me to move forward with it faster. Hope everyone likes it....

Chapter 1
Charley Stonewell stood under an oak tree to avoid the rain. She looked across the lawn to a group of people huddled together. They were there to mourn over the deaths of Sophie and Felix Stonewell, her parents. Just a couple of days ago, their bodies were discovered in an alley way, with two puncture wounds in their necks and the blood drained from them. The police filed it as an accident, since there were no witnesses or suspects. But she considered it as murder.

Charley sighed and turned her face away from the funeral. It was hard not to remember the last images she had of them. She was at the coroners, to confirm their identities. She remembered how pallid their skin was and the blue tint to their lips, showing that they were dead for sometime. She shook her head trying to remove the images and think of older ones but couldn’t. Them lying dead on a metal table was all she could see.

Charley decided to leave at that moment, she had already said her last good-byes, and headed for her car. Once she was about a few feet away, she noticed a man leaning against her car. Charley didn’t know what to think at first but then sighed to herself. ‘He probably wants to send his condolences personally and say how they didn’t deserve to die that way. Everybody seemed to be saying the same thing to me over and over again.’ Charley walked up to the side of her car and gave a weak smile to the stranger.

“Hello Charley. You probably don’t know who I am but I definitely know you. I’m Alexander Baleer, your parents’ employer. I came to wish my condolences to you. I knew your parents pretty well, how they were very kind and sweet people. How they didn’t deserve to die that way. It’s terrible.”

Mr. Baleer paused to give her a genuine smile of forgiveness. ‘Ha, I knew it! They say the same thing every time. Ugh!’ Charley smiled back timidly. She decided then to look the man over. He looked like your average business man. He wore a black suit and a bluish tie. Also a black hat and a jacket. She looked down at his shoes, which looked extremely expensive and shiny in the dim light from the sky. That’s when she noticed it started raining harder.

“I’m sorry Mr…..eh…Baleer, right?” she started as she searched her purse for her keys, “But I really must be going. Maybe we can chat about my parents some other time,” she finished as she found her keys.

But no sooner did she have them, when she dropped them. She was about to bend down and pick them up, when Mr. Baleer had them already in his hand. She looked at him in confusion. ‘How did he move that fast. I didn’t even see him move.’

Just then her best friend, Aura, walked up to her.

“Hey, Charley. You should be heading home. I know how you hate to drive in the…”she paused as she took in the scene. Aura than scowled at Mr. Baleer when she noticed he had her friend’s keys.

“Excuse me, buster. Why do you have her keys?” Aura practically yelled. She didn’t bother using her manners when she was angry.
“Please forgive me. She had dropped them and I had merely picked them up for her.” As he immediately handed the keys back to Charley. Charley looked from Aura back to Mr. Baleer. Mr. Baleer then gave a bow. “I originally came to see if you were in need of a job. Since your parents’ death, I am in need of employees. If you would like to work for me, please contact me at any time. Oh, here is my card.” He said the last words as he shoved a hand into a pocket and pulled out a small black card.
He handed it to Charley and then bowed again. “It was a pleasure to finally meet you. I shall speak to you soon. Good-bye.”
He turned around and started walking in the direction where a limo was parked. As he got in, Charley looked down at what the card said:
Mr. Alexander Baleer. Founder and President of S.H.A.D.O.W.S. Incorporated.
Charley looked back up in time to watch the limo drive away. She turned her attention back to the card to read the small print at the bottom.

Protecting humanity one demonic problem at a time.

She wrinkled her nose while she scratched her head out of confusion. ‘Demonic problem? What’s that suppose to mean?’ She thought to herself as she placed the card into her purse and then turned back to Aura.

“Okay…That guy was freaky and what’s with the business outfit? He’s at a funeral for Pete’s sake. Anyways, are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She started shaking Charley by the shoulders.

“I’m fine, just a little freaked out. I can’t believe he was my parents’ employer. And since when did they work for a big business?” She said as she relaxed herself. She turned to her car and unlocked the door.

“Well I should be getting home now.” She said as she was about to sit down in the car.
“Hey, you think I could come over. I mean there’s no way I’m letting you stay home alone in the condition you’re in. We can order pizza and Chinese. I’ll order it if you want?” Aura talked as she walked to her car.

Charley smiled and nodded in agreement. “Sounds great, let’s hurry.”
* * * * *
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