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Too much Stress is bad for You

Let's see.... where to begin...... Ah! Right, I know....

School just started Wednesday, atleast for me it did. It was all good until I found out my first block class, Human Anatomy and Physiology, involved cutting my organs. Yuck! So I immediately went to my guidance counselor, who changed it to Art I for me. I was like "Great, I get to take my art class!!!" And then the worse thing that could happen to me, happened. One of the guys, who hasn't been exactly nice to me over the past two years, was in my class.

So I just dealt with it, thinking, "Atleast this is better than cutting up an eyeball or brain....Hehe... NOT!!!" So I went to my next block, English, and was going to sail right through it... since I love English. But I found out it's Collge Prep(Level I), instead of Level II. I start freaking out again because last year I had College Prep and kept getting F's. So just today, my guidance counselor said I could change it to the lower level, as long as I get a note.

Lunch was awesome. My younger sister and my buddy were in my lunch, so that was good enough for me. Except my younger sister is extremely energetic, so she's pretty much bouncing all over the place at lunch. Not to mention, keeps refusing to get lunch, which isn't good for. Anyways, third block was okay... except said mean guy, was in that class too. Atleast I would be paying more attention to my computer than him. Lastly, fourth block.... CREATIVE WRITING!!! YAY!!! I'm having a blast in that class. A couple of my friends and my buddy are in that class and all we do is learn and write the entire time.

So that's how my classes are going, you can see why I named the title what it is. But there's another reason....

My sister has been kind enough to order me books off amazon. Normally, I get them the very next week. So, she goes and orders me Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I ordered that book almost three weeks ago... THREE WEEKS!!! Everyday I keep freaking out over it more and more. This has never happened to me before. And the only way to get a refund, is to wait until past the expiration date of the last day I could recieve it. That's next Friday. UGH!

Also, I ordered Gena Showalter's new book, The Darkest Whisper. That hasn't arrived either and I ordered it last week. I'm freaking out over that too. Hopefully, the newest book my sister ordered for me won't be late. It's suppose to come sometime between this coming week and two weeks from now.

You can obviously see my stress. Not only over over my classes but also over books I so desperately desire. The stress has gotten so bad, I barely sleep at night and if I'm lucky, I get 6 hours of sleep. I think its because I can't relax enough or long enough to fall asleep and that's bad for a teenager.

I think I've ranted enough for one day. Lately, that's all I've been able to do, is rant...

So I'm official dubbing today Ranting Friday, which will happen every week... hopefully.... So go ahead and leave a message about anything horrible, unnerving, or stressful that happened to you this week. I'll listen, we'll all listen.

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