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Park Avenue Princess Contest to DIE For!!!

Directly from the Princess herself....

What would you say if I told you that *I* have the key to you winning your choice of either a Kindle 2, Sony Pocket E-Reader or the new Barnes & Noble Nook? What if I said that that's the GRAND Prize in this Contest/Giveaway? Are you interested in Second and Third Place Prizes as well? This is it...The "Giveaway to Sell Your SOUL For.." Why are we calling it that? Hell-O did you see the GRAND PRIZE?The real reason is that debut author Matthew Carter is sponsoring this Giveaway to celebrate his first book "LIQUID SOUL"! Cute huh? (I came up with that idea...and yes, I even surprise myself sometimes) Which ever reader the winner chooses will also come with an ebook copy of LIQUID SOUL!

Now that I have your FULL attention, Let me remind you of the post I did on the book LIQUID SOUL which can be found HERE. Second Place Prizes will be (Two Winners) Hardcover copy of LIQUID SOUL *signed* and a Gift Card for $20.00 to Amazon.com! Third Place will be (Five Winners) A *signed* Trade Copy of LIQUID SOUL! Isn't that an Amazing Prize Package?

Learn more about Matthew Carter - Here
Visit the Liquid Soul Web Site - Here
Follow Matthew Carter on Twitter - Here

I know what you're thinking, and I'm going to get right to it and tell you HOW you get in the running to win this Giveaway! Please pay attention to the Rules and Follow them! This is different from any and all other contests I have going right now...if you are drawn as the winner and have not followed ALL the Rules then another name will be drawn. Let me explain...

You can do just ONE or ALL of these things, and each thing you do will give you additional entries for a chance to WIN. This contest will be going on until December 24th at Midnight EST and WOW! What a Holiday Gift this is! Winners will be announced right here on Park-Avenue Princess January 1, 2010! Happy New Year! You have until then to do the different things that YOU choose to do. Matthew Carter will be giving away YOUR Choice of either a Kindle 2, Sony Reader or the New Barnes & Noble Nook to ONE VERY lucky winner, and signed copies of LIQUID SOUL as stated above and Two Amazon Gift Cards. Contest open to readers worldwide and will run until 11:59 pm EST 12/24! Please make sure that your name is in some way different from all other names that may be added during the contest period (use a nickname or your last initital if you have a common name) and be sure to leave your email address. No email, No win because I have no way of contacting you! Winners will have 72 hours to contact me claiming their prizes. If you do not claim the prize within that period of time, I will pick another name! Winner's WILL be contcated via email so watch for them! The prizes stated are the prizes you will get NO substitutions will be allowed.

Below are all of the different things you can CHOOSE from to enter.

1. The easiest way to enter is by purchasing a copy and/or copies of Matthew’s book LIQUID SOUL.

To purchase a print copy of Liquid Soul from Amazon click here.

To purchase a print copy of Liquid Soul from Barnes & Noble click here.

If you'd like to purchase a signed copy, (Hard or Trade) please contact Matthew at LiquidSoulBook@gmail.com . The cost of a signed Hardcover is $30.00 and a signed Trade is $20.00.

It is NOT mandatory to purchase anything to enter the contest, there are MANY other ways to enter and WIN. Also, just because you purchase a book, that does not in any way guarantee you a winning spot. I know that most of you will realize this on your own, but I just want to be clear that this is the way Mr. Carter is choosing to hand out the most extra points! Also please note that the author will be selecting the winner of this contest, not myself and that I am in no way responsible for mailing out any of the above-said prizes.

If you do decide to purchase copies of the book, please email me a copy of your purchase receipt to PrincessPrizes@yahoo.com. How many points extra will you get? Excellent question!

400 points per *signed* hard copy
350 points per *signed* soft copy
300 points per hard copy
150 points per trade copy
75 points per ebook copy

This must be verified with your receipt of purchase. Copies purchased before this time are not eligible. Remember the holidays are right around the corner and books make a perfect gift for anyone! I LOVED this book! If you're into Thrillers, I highly recommend LIQUID SOUL!

Then, there are the usual ways to earn extra points and by 'usual', I mean just like in the other contests I host, I leave a charming little list of things you can do and you post which ones you choose! Another thing you should know is that the winner will not be chosen by who has the highest number of points. Simply put, the amount of points is the amount of entries you have so the Grand Prize can go to ANYONE!

Blogger Followers To have a chance win You must follow me through Google Friend Connect! To do that - Hit the FOLLOW Button In The Top Right Corner!Leave an email with every post, NO EMAIL! NO ENTRY!All Entries MUST be in By Midnight (EST) December 24th

Then... The EXTRAS!

These only count if you FOLLOW the above directions

+3 If you Subscribe by Mail (or already do!)
+3 If you Subscribe via Google Reader (or already do!)
+5 If you TWEET About This Giveaway (daily)
+5 If you Blog about this Giveaway (sidebar)
+10 If you blog about this Giveaway in it's own post
+15 If you follow me on Twitter (Leave your @Twitter name)
+15 If you follow Matthew Carter on Twitter
+20 If you Put My Button On Your Blog and Link Back!
+20 If you Put The Contest Button On Your Blog and Link Back!

+25 for each and every NEW follower you bring me
(They just have to mention it in their post!)

Try to Separate your entries one per post (Pretty Please)!
(example +10 I blogged about this here *link* is Fine)

Well there you have it! The Giveaway to Sell Your SOUL For!.

Now give me a pen...I'm READY to Sign...

Kisses & Toodles

Now Head on over and get yourselfsome ENTRY POINTS!!!

Enter HERE!


  1. This is an amazing contest! Great find Emma! ~smiles~

  2. Thank you for posting this Emma! You've got additional entries! ; )

    x0xx The Princess