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WARNING From an Amazon Buyer

I had ordered a book I had been waiting for for the past three weeks. I wasn't concerned at first since they had until friday for me to recieve it. But then I had gone on the seller's profile.

Apparently, there has been 64% of complaints about NEVER recieving their books and NEVER getting a reply as to why. And that this seller could possibly be a scammer.

I mean I only spent 5 bucks, including shipping, on the book. But still, that wasn't right. I could of spent that money, or less, on getting the SAME book from another seller.

So if you LOVE to buy books for cheap off of Amazon, like I do. I forwarn you. Check out the seller's feedback before buying from them. If they have over 50% of complaints, DON'T buy from them. And check what people have to say about the seller. If people are saying that they haven't gotten their book from them, DON'T buy from them.

And especially DON'T buy from jersey.xray. Along with everyone else who has bought from them, I believe they are a scam. So please listen to me and don't buy anything from them.

I hope this helps those who buy from Amazon.

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